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Supervision for Therapists

Individual Supervision

As an approved supervisor in Washington state, I offer the necessary guidance and feedback to help you navigate through the state license process. My supervision style is collaborative and based on identifying and leveraging your strengths. Regardless of your theoretical background or clinical training, I am equipped to provide support to help you grow as a clinician.

During our supervision sessions, you can expect to receive support and guidance in various aspects of your professional development, including self-reflection, gaining insights, and prioritizing self-care. I will also provide constructive feedback on your areas of strength and areas that require improvement, all in a supportive manner.


Moreover, we will work together to explore your career goals and develop strategies to achieve them. Our supervision sessions will be 50-60 minutes long and tailored to your unique needs.

Group Supervision

Group supervision is max 2 associate therapists for 50-60 minutes


Individuals: $120

Group: $60

Young Businesspeople
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